After each holiday season, it’s pretty easy for me to write an article about how much you can save by taking advantage of huge markdowns on items related to that holiday. After a holiday passes, most department

Earlier this month, I watched a wonderful excerpt from an interview with the semi-retired comedian Dave Chapelle (I think semi-retired is the best description, having read up on him a little). Chapelle walked away from his hugely

Personal finance success is simple. Personal finance success is hard. Those two things don’t contradict each other in the slightest. Simple The things that you need to do to be successful when it comes to finances are

Most kids would rather open a present to find a new iPad than a share of Apple stock. Likewise, receiving shares of Amazon, Microsoft, or Procter & Gamble is hardly the stuff of childhood holiday dreams. Yet,

I absolutely love hot sauce. I put hot sauce on everything. If it’s savory and I have some hot sauce around, I’ll put hot sauce on it. Pizza. Burritos. Scrambled eggs. Grilled vegetables. Beans and rice. All

I’ve had a draft of this post in various forms floating around for years and I felt that right now, on the cusp of Thanksgiving, when many families are getting together to celebrate a meal and a

The holidays can be pretty fraught, thanks to tons of familial and social pressure to create a picture-perfect setting (looking at you, Pinterest) plus a relentless onslaught of advertising. The pressures are both complicated and formidable, which

The açt of giving thanks isn’t something that comes natural for most of us. Most of the people reading this article have a life that’s absolutely chock full of things to be thankful for, and yet our

One of my core principles of personal finance is “if you’re doing something by yourself, do it as cheap as possible.” When I’m alone and not worried about anyone else’s needs or concerns, I go super cheap