Over the last few years, I’ve been recording every tabletop game I play and often adding a few notes about that play afterwards so that I can remember something about the game and whether I enjoyed the

In Monday’s reader mailbag, Eric asked a great question: I find it interesting that you write about things like time management and philosophy on a personal finance site. The connection seems thin at best to me. I’d

Most life changes go through three major steps. At the start is the “honeymoon phase.” You’re enamored with the big goal you’ve set for yourself. You’re having fun exploring all the new changes you’re making in your

Imagine two farmers – we’ll call them Adam and Betty – living a couple hundred years ago. Toiling the land was hard work and it took all they had to work their forty acres of land. Adam

Find out if you prefer points, miles or cash back rewards programs. Credit card rewards come in many different forms. Some rewards programs grant points on purchases made with a particular credit card. Other programs forego these