For a long while, I’ve been an advocate of You Need a Budget, which is a software package and philosophy that I use for budgeting. I’ve used it for years. The core idea behind You Need a

A true frugalist just hates to pay retail. Fortunately, that’s rarely necessary. With just a handful of savings tactics, you can cut costs drastically on necessities and nice-to-haves alike. These are some pretty simple savings hacks, made

After sifting through the matrix of flight options, it always feels like a winning a hand in Texas Hold’em when I finally find the flight I’m looking for, click purchase, and shine the smile that says, “YES, I just saved a couple

Planning a vacation and dreading all the costs? While there are many ways to spend less on vacation, there’s another route to try if you want to travel at a discount: Write off a portion of your trip on your taxes.

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