Summertime is perfect for packing up the family and hitting the open road. And whether you want to camp or simply travel in style, renting an RV (recreational vehicle) adds features to a vacation that you just can’t

One big treat that Sarah and I enjoy is an annual family vacation. We usually travel somewhere within the United States or Canada as a family, sometimes camping and sometimes staying in hotels. Sometimes we visit state

Over the last year, we have taken family vacations to different cities in Mexico, Jamaica, and Florida. Add onto that, my husband and I traveled alone to Barbados, Grand Cayman, Italy, and Greece. Since I write about travel all

A 2016 study from the U.S. Travel Association showed that more than half (55%) of Americans didn’t take all their paid vacation days in 2016. While Americans took an average of 16.2 days of vacation last year, they left

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